Docks, Bulkheads and Seawalls


Depending on the geographic location and existing regulations, your dock can be built in a variety of different materials... composite decking, hardwood, and pressure treated lumber. Our design staff can help you maximize your valuable dock space while accommodating your budget and personal taste.

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Bulkheads and Seawalls

In the past, seawalls and bulkheads made of chemically treated wood, concrete, or steel deteriorated quickly in the marine environment. Now, property owners around the globe are enjoying picturesque, long lasting seawalls made of advanced plastics, composites, and marine grade aluminum.

Seawalls and bulkheads must withstand some of the most brutal conditions of any structure built today. From heavy loads and extremely corrosive salt water, to marine borers' attacks, conventional materials just don't get the job done. Today's seawalls and bulkheads require advanced materials capable of performing over the long haul in this brutal environment.

Whether you operate a commercial marina or own a waterfront residence, we have the most cost effective and customized solution for you.

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